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What is BPMN? Here is a visual guide!

What is BPMN? Business Process Model and Notation or BPMN  is a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model. It’s considered as a standard for diagramming and graphically depicting workflows and processes so that professionals across industries and levels can understand how your operation works. To help you in this process there are […]

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What is BPM ?… In 2 Minutes!

What is BPM?  Just like questions revolving around the definition of employee engagement, the question, “What is BPM?” has been difficult to answer until now. Previously, various schools, universities and experts could not agree and had to emphasize one facet or another of this broad concept. But BPM.com, one of the leading business websites that […]

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Must-know Tips for Effective Process Modeling

Must-know Tips for Effective Process Modeling While using business process modeling and notation is essential to creating diagrams and technical models for you, your team and collaborators, you still have to learn how to actually develop them. Creating these diagrams requires not only good business-know-how, but a lot of technical knowledge and critical thinking. But […]

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Strategic Six Sigma

Strategic Six Sigma Management: Implementation and Benefits

Strategic Six Sigma Management: Implementation and Benefits We think that what’s great about Six Sigma is that it benefits any aspect of any industry when done right. But we also think that, as manager, if your take it a step further into strategic Six Sigma, you can gain the full range of benefits. Although it’s […]

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