Our 10 Best BPM Practices

10 Best BPM Practices from the Experts Business process management is about more than optimizing efficiency and improving profitability. While these are well and good, BPM can also take into consideration your own business goals and objectives. If you want to incorporate corporate social responsibility and added work-life balance to how your business runs, this […]

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Toyota Six Sigma 14 Solid Principles Lean Six Sigma Belgium

Toyota Production System : 14 Solid Principles

  Toyota Production System (TPS) : 14 Solid Principles  Toyota Six Sigma We like to call the processes that have made up Toyota’s magnificent company culture and seamless manufacturing processes as Toyota Six Sigma. It’s not enough to call it lean or Six Sigma in itself. Just like a Japanese craftsman of old, they’ve honed their company […]

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Lean vs. Six Sigma, Round 1, Fight!

Lean vs. Six Sigma, Round 1, Fight! The difference between Six Sigma and Lean lies primarily on what they can do for business processes that can translate to value for customers. Since clients are only concerned with the quality of the product, it’s up to the companies that produce them to make their processes as […]

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Lean Office Management

5 Lean Office Management Tips

5 Lean Office Management Tips Lean Management is grounded on solid principles of reducing waste and variance in your supply chain. A lot of other businesses have also started using the same principles on aspects other than their supply chains and production line. You can essentially apply these principles on your communications, customer service, administrative […]

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Lean Sensei

What is a Lean Sensei ?

What is a Lean Sensei ? ‘Sensei’ is a is a Japanese word that is literally translated as “person born before another”. Most of the time, it is attached to professionals in fields of study that require several years. In general usage, it is used, after a person’s name, and means “teacher”. In Lean management, the […]

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Six Sigma

How to Live and Breathe Six Sigma in Your Business ?

How to Live and Breathe Six Sigma in Your Business? Six Sigma is not just a buzzword—it’s what can change your company from a startup to an industry leader while keeping everything that’s good about your product and brand constant throughout the change. Six Sigma only wants to add value—which can only build your brand […]

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Kaizen Event Belgium

When and How to Use Your Kaizen Event ?

When and How to Use Your Kaizen Event? Process issues are inevitable in the workplace, which is why companies invest in methods and tools with continuous improvement as focus. One of the most effective and preferred ways to do that is to conduct a Kaizen event.  A Kaizen event is a process improvement approach undertaken by […]

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What is Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma ?

What is Lean Six Sigma ? A lot of managers looking for clear and effective ways to improve their business ask us, “What is Lean Six Sigma ?” For someone who isn’t knowledgeable about management approaches and manufacturing processes, Six Sigma can sound as foreign as something Russian. But for people who are actively looking […]

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Lean Management Training Lean Six Sigma Belgium

How to Achieve True Enterprise Transformation

Lean Management – Too Lean and Not at All Mean We think that the Lean management paradigm is important but too near-sighted to bring about true transformational change. If your company only needs a little tweaking then Lean Six Sigma is a great initiative. On a larger scale, however, when the situation is change or […]

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What is Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma ?

What is Six Sigma and what is the Main Goal of Six Sigma Implementation ? The best person that can tell you what Six Sigma is could be former General Electric CEO Jack Welch (1981-2001) since his Six Sigma story is touted as the prime example how this method and approach can turn your company from a […]

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continuous-improvement-quote-Teruyuki Minoura

How to Plan Your Own Kaizen Event?

How to Plan Your Own Kaizen Event? Like team building, a Kaizen event is aimed at gathering internal teams to work on a common objective. Nonetheless, while team building is focused on relationships, Kaizen capitalizes on continuous process improvement. It is all about creating more value out of existing processes and lesser production waste. A […]

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What is Kaizen ?

What is Kaizen? Productivity is a primary concern of any company, regardless of industry. Methods are in place to handle processes and specific tasks in an organized way, and most of these are in line with the principle of Kaizen. Kaizen is a widely recognized Japanese work philosophy that roughly means “good change or change […]

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Productivity vs Creativity

Does Multitasking Hurt Productivity?

Does Multitasking Hurt Productivity? An experiment was conducted in the University of Sydney to test whether productivity, creativity and idea generation was affected by multi-tasking. I found this study, detailed on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network by professor David Burkus. In their study they used the ‘alternate uses’ test where subjects where given an object and they […]

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What is BPMN? Here is a visual guide!

What is BPMN? Business Process Model and Notation or BPMN  is a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model. It’s considered as a standard for diagramming and graphically depicting workflows and processes so that professionals across industries and levels can understand how your operation works. To help you in this process there are […]

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What is BPM ?… In 2 Minutes!

What is BPM?  Just like questions revolving around the definition of employee engagement, the question, “What is BPM?” has been difficult to answer until now. Previously, various schools, universities and experts could not agree and had to emphasize one facet or another of this broad concept. But BPM.com, one of the leading business websites that […]

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