Practical Lean Six Sigma Certification

Practical certification – Case study and jury:

This practical certification is available on demand. It is optional and not mandatory to following the training course or to pass the theoretical exam.

  1. Reception of the case study(s) and an explanatory file of the certification process
  2. Registration by the candidate for one of the pre-programmed defense sessions
  3. Submission of the study report by the candidate at least 5 working days before the defense session
  4. Evaluation of the study report
  5. Defense session (90 minutes, remote):
    • Candidate’s presentation of selected elements according to the jury’s guidelines
    • Oral examination
    • Deliberation by the jury
    • Recommendations to the candidate
  6. Delivery of the certificate

Prerequisite to receive the case study(s): having passed the required MCQ exam(s)

Deadline for the defense: 3 months after receiving the case study(s)

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