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lean hospitals

3 Characteristics of Lean Hospitals

If you want to see the power of lean management, take a step back to observe how well lean hospitals do their jobs. Lean can be applied to any situation- even medical. Hospitals are a strenuous environment where life and death are frequently hanging on the line. Bad performance or timing could literally cost someone […]

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lean management speeches in the movies

Watch the 9 best Lean Management Speeches from Movies: Braveheart, Whiplash, Wall Street Wolf, Invictus…

Who said Lean Management couldn’t be fun? We decided to give you a collection of the best management speeches you could ever find in the movies. This is the cream of the cream. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share if you are hooked! If you have any ideas of other speeches from the movies you […]

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lean airlines

4 Ways Lean Airline Companies Can Improve Their Services

Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before. –Shigeo Shingo Everyday airline companies achieve a remarkable feat by moving approximately five million people more than forty million km around the world. However, what these airline companies fail to deliver is efficiency in their services. Even the most standout services lose bags, depart late, […]

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Lean Government

The New Trend of Lean Government in a Nutshell

  A New Word for a New Trend Lean Management originally refers to principles and methods that were developed in the private sector to target manufacturing processes and optimizing them by reducing wastes and improve efficiency. Recently, Lean methods have been applied to a wide range of government organizations too, ranging from our Belgian institutions, […]

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Walt Disney and Lean Management

5 Clever Lessons from Walt Disney about Lean Management

What do Walt Disney and Lean thinking have in common? More than you might think. The father of Mickey, Minnie or Snow White was a consummate Lean Thinker long before the methodology became well know. Discover below 5 Lean principles the creator of Disney was following assiduously.  1) Lean Visual Management or How to Optimize […]

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Lean Innovation at Nike

Nike: From Child Labor To Social Responsible Lean Innovation

  From poster child for lack of responsibility to catalyst of positive change In the 1990s, Nike, one of the premiere shoe manufacturers in the world, worn by the greatest names in sports from Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods or Maria Sharapova, became a poster child for lack of corporate responsibility. The Nike product has become a […]

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Lean Manufacturing at Atlas Copco

Watch Lean Manufacturing at Atlas Copco

Watch Lean Manufacturing at Atlas Copco

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Lean-Manufactoring at Tesla Motors - Belgium

Watch Lean Manufacturing at Tesla Motors by WIRED

Lean Manufacturing at Tesla Motors. How the Tesla Model S is Made | Tesla Motors Part 1 (WIRED)     How Tesla Builds Electric Cars | Tesla Motors Part 2 (WIRED)   Electric Car Quality Tests | Tesla Motors Part 3 (WIRED)

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How Lean Management Work at Harley-Davidson

How Innovation and Lean Management Work at Harley-Davidson ?

How Innovation and Lean Management Work at Harley-Davidson ? WE understand that sometimes, lean management and innovation can hardly coexist. How can you streamline and reduce costs and variation when you’re always developing something new? But we are also glad to let our readers know that it can actually be done; Harley-Davidson has proved to […]

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Toyota Six Sigma 14 Solid Principles Lean Six Sigma Belgium

Toyota Production System : 14 Solid Principles

  Toyota Production System (TPS) : 14 Solid Principles  Toyota Six Sigma We like to call the processes that have made up Toyota’s magnificent company culture and seamless manufacturing processes as Toyota Six Sigma. It’s not enough to call it lean or Six Sigma in itself. Just like a Japanese craftsman of old, they’ve honed their company […]

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Toyota’s Lessons on Lean Manufacturing

Toyota’s Lessons on Lean Manufacturing Toyota’s approach to production is a great case study for companies that want to implement lean manufacturing. Entrepreneurs and managers shouldn’t think of lean as a trend or fad. It’s a solid initiative for boosting your whole company. Toyota adopts lean as simply one integral part of its business philosophy. […]

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Lean Six Sigma Services - Lean Six Sigma Belgium

How Successful Financial Companies Use Lean Six Sigma Services to Achieve Business Process Excellence

How Successful Financial Companies Use Lean Six Sigma Services to Achieve Business Process Excellence We think that any industry can benefit from Lean Six Sigma services and business process management. Financial service companies, which offer products that depend largely on their customer service can benefit a lot from these management systems. With the constant change […]

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