Lean Six Sigma Trainings & Certifications

Lean Six Sigma Belgium Trainings & Certifications

Lean Six Sigma Training programs to develop problem-solving and continuous improvement skills.

Lean Six Sigma Belgium offers high-quality, interactive training courses in Lean Management, Six Sigma, and BPM. Leveraging our deep expertise in operational excellence, our professionals guide you meticulously through each certification stage, ensuring the effective deployment of your Lean Six Sigma skills. 


At Lean Six Sigma Belgium we support your organization in the development of Lean, Six Sigma and BPM skills :


1.590€ excl vat- 4 days


3.250€ excl vat- 7 days


4.450€ excl vat- 10 days

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Lean Six Sigma Belgium

We Apply Lean Six Sigma in a way that truly benefits all stakeholders

Customers, employees, the environment and management. Implemented in this way, Lean Six Sigma is a formidable vector of economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Our clients

We partner with clients from the private, public, and non-profit sectors in Belgium and abroad to develop their Lean Six Sigma skills to address their most critical quality and process improvement issues. Our learning and development approach implements the Lean Six Sigma skills and tools at all levels of your organization. 

Easy to understand and hands-on learning methods will make it enjoyable to learn Lean Six Sigma.

Our learning by doing training methods will facilitate the use and application of the tools in your projects. The content of our training modules is always proportionate to the complexity of the problem to be solved. Each type of problem has its specific tools, and our target is to teach you to find the shortest way to a sustainable solution for your problem.

Our teaching methods encourage active participation and collaboration among participants. They include problem-solving, simulations, tests, and the use of serious games. These activities present engaging challenges that encourage participants to fully immerse themselves in the learning process.

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Technology and Lean Management

In the modern global economy, data rules supreme. In many cases data is more valuable than money, because, like the fable of the goose that

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