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Famous Kaoru Ishikawa quotes

Think of at least four factors which influence your problem. See if a shift in one of these causes can give you a different effect to explore”. Kaoru Ishikawa

“Quality control which cannot show results is not quality control. Let us engage in QC which makes so much money for the company that we do not know what to do with it”. Kaoru Ishikawa

As much as 95% of quality related problems in the factory can be solved with seven fundamental quantitative tools”. Kaoru Ishikawa

“Quality control starts and ends with training”. Kaoru Ishikawa

“The ideas of control and improvement are often confused with one another. This is because quality control and quality improvement are inseparable”. Kaoru Ishikawa

“In management, the first concern of the company is the happiness of people who are connected with it. If the people do not feel happy and cannot be made happy, that company does not deserve to exist”. Kaoru Ishikawa

“Quality control is applicable to any kind of enterprise. In fact, Quality Control must be applied in every enterprise”. Kaoru Ishikawa

“As with many other things, there is a surprising amount of prejudice against quality control, but the proof of the pudding is still in the eating”. Kaoru Ishikawa

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