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In this 2-day Lean Management course, you will learn how to improve activity flows in Kaizen Event mode; eliminate waste, streamline operations and prevent malfunctions; and improve a process for the benefit of all stakeholders (customer, employee, shareholder).


In this 4-day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course, you will learn what’s included in the Lean Management module; how to deploy a Lean Six Sigma programme; how to identify and define the problem to be solved; and how to solve simple (statistical) quality problems.

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In this 7-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, you will learn about the objectives of the previous Yellow belt; how to properly define an operational problem; how to structure the resolution of moderately complex operational problems using the DMAIC method; how to improve the quality of your products or services; and how to support the implementation of the Six Sigma approach in your organisation.

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In this 10-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course, you will learn the objectives of the previous belt; how to solve complex statistical problems scientifically, including the reduction of variability in the quality of products and services; how to bring manufacturing and service processes under statistical control; how to drive continuous quality improvement; and how to achieve an intermediate level of operational performance (sigma 4).


Our 2-day BPM training programme is designed to guide you through the fundamentals of BPM (Business Process Modeling), its key concepts and models, while preparing you to pass the OCEB2 BPM2 Fundamental exam.

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