BPM Training – Business Process Management (OMG CERTIFIED EXPERT IN BPM™ 2 (OCEB™ 2))

This 2 day BPM training + exam seeks to increase your Process Management capabilities through a multi-disciplinary approach taught by our experts.

You will discover the new BPMN 2 with a richer palette of event types, more capable depiction and use of data in process models, representation of business interactions in Collaboration Diagrams and Choreography Diagrams, and other tips that help you model and execute the complex distributed processes that businesses employ today, and will rely on even more tomorrow.

Training objectives :

  • Learn how to build a process framework
  • Learn how to map and model processes using BPMN 2 notation
  • Prepare OCEB 2  or ABPMP certification

This program is designed to provide all the tools and attitudes anyone needs to understand and execute the managerial aspects such as designing and governing BPM strategies. Are also included operational aspects for modeling, analyzing, improving, optimizing and automating day-to-day processes.

We seek to address the glaring BPM skills gap that is currently being filled by a select few who cannot implement the right methodologies and practices to all the companies and businesses who need it. Our goal is to create business process management experts, champions and gurus steeped in both lore and practice in real-world cases.

Our customized and specialized training practical and very pedagogical. We always work on cases to illustrate concepts. Our cases can also be tailored to your industry and specific project to help you understand how to apply methodologies and strategies.

Practical Information

2 days

Black Belt trainer

*1.295€ + OCEB2 exam ex vat

*Prices exclude breaks and lunches.


Success rate 98%

Subsidies 50% In Brussels



distance learning

  • Nov. 6 & 7 (French)


  • Nov. 23 & 24 (French)
  • Dec. 14 & 15 (English)


  • Sept. 14 & 15 (French)
  • Dec. 18 & 19 (French)


distance learning

  • Feb. 22 & 23 (English)
  • March 18 & 19  (French)
  • June 10 & 11 (French)


  • Avr. 22 & 23 (French)
  • June 20 & 21 (English)


Book & exam included

Subscription, information, quotation or expert call back.

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