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The philosophical approach considers all work as processes likely to get defined, measured, analyzed, improved and controlled. This recognized approach, known as DMAIC, defines the steps a Six Sigma practitioner has to perform to strive for continuous improvement. DMAIC approach is divided into the following steps:

For every step there are 2 tools.

Define: Identify the underlying cause decreasing customer satisfaction (Fishbone diagram, 5 why’s, VOC,…)

Measure: Gather data’s from the processes targeted (Balanced scorecard,…)

Analyze: Analize processes targeted and related data’s for evidences on how processes work (ANOVA, Multiple Linear Regression,…)

Improve: Act on data’s to improve targeted processes (Kaizen, PDCA,…)

Control: Control the system – sample of processes – to make gains sustainable (5S, Kanban, Total Productive Maintenance, PDCA,…)

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