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The Human Side of Continuous Improvement in Tech

The Human Side of Continuous Improvement in Tech

One of the most pressing topics on the minds of managers, executives and employees everywhere is the future of work. It is vital for them to understand what people need to know and what skills they need to possess in order to stay competitive and employed in a world increasingly dominated by information and automation. […]

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Achieving Operational Excellence in the Public Sector - Belgium Parliament

Achieving Operational Excellence in the Public Sector: Can You Apply Private Sector Thinking?

Can a country operate as a company? I don’t mean in a purely capitalist sense, focused solely on profits and market dominance, but instead, can it embrace principles of excellence and lean management even when it does not partake directly in free market economics? Every country depends on an extensive administrative system to keep its […]

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Applying Lean and Agile in an Age of Rapid Change Lean Six Sigma Belgium

Applying Lean and Agile in an Age of Rapid Change

One of the most significant challenges faced by senior management in most organizations is keeping up with a pace that continues to accelerate. I have noticed this on numerous occasions in which I have visited organizations in both the public and private sectors, many of whom say they follow the fundamental principles of Lean management […]

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train lean six sigma

How To Align Your Trainings With Your Lean Culture Objectives [ 5- From Performance To Excellence]

  “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning” Benjamin Franklin Now that you are aware of how to train people for implementing a Lean or Six Sigma strategy in your organization, the next step is to move towards sustainability. Training the right personnel is just one part […]

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7 Techniques Lean Managers Use to Build Motivation Culture

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison 7 Techniques a Lean Manager Use to Build Motivation Culture Lean production process can only be achieved if the performance of the workers involved are at its highest level. Lean managers, however, must […]

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Lean Management Training Lean Six Sigma Belgium

How to Achieve True Enterprise Transformation

Lean Management – Too Lean and Not at All Mean We think that the Lean management paradigm is important but too near-sighted to bring about true transformational change. If your company only needs a little tweaking then Lean Six Sigma is a great initiative. On a larger scale, however, when the situation is change or […]

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Productivity vs Creativity

Does Multitasking Hurt Productivity?

Does Multitasking Hurt Productivity? An experiment was conducted in the University of Sydney to test whether productivity, creativity and idea generation was affected by multi-tasking. I found this study, detailed on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network by professor David Burkus. In their study they used the ‘alternate uses’ test where subjects where given an object and they […]

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Lean Culture Lean Six Sigma Belgique

How to Sustain and Improve a lean culture with a Lean Management System

How to Sustain and Improve a lean culture with a Lean Management System On paper, Lean Six Sigma and other lean process programs sounds exciting and a great boost for your company. We think so too, but we always caution managers and entrepreneurs before inflicting any sort of system or program on their company. We […]

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