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Work smarter, not harder. How to Make Kaizen Work for Your e-mails ?

How to Make Kaizen Work for You? Kaizen is a very powerful corporate philosophy that can drastically improve productivity for as long as it is observed. It roots from Japanese work ethics post World War II that anchors on the importance of continuous improvement in the workplace. Though more commonly adopted by companies as guiding […]

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Kaizen Event Belgium

When and How to Use Your Kaizen Event ?

When and How to Use Your Kaizen Event? Process issues are inevitable in the workplace, which is why companies invest in methods and tools with continuous improvement as focus. One of the most effective and preferred ways to do that is to conduct a Kaizen event.  A Kaizen event is a process improvement approach undertaken by […]

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How to Plan Your Own Kaizen Event?

How to Plan Your Own Kaizen Event? Like team building, a Kaizen event is aimed at gathering internal teams to work on a common objective. Nonetheless, while team building is focused on relationships, Kaizen capitalizes on continuous process improvement. It is all about creating more value out of existing processes and lesser production waste. A […]

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What is Kaizen ?

What is Kaizen? Productivity is a primary concern of any company, regardless of industry. Methods are in place to handle processes and specific tasks in an organized way, and most of these are in line with the principle of Kaizen. Kaizen is a widely recognized Japanese work philosophy that roughly means “good change or change […]

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Kaizen Lean

Gemba Kaizen as a Low Cost Approach to Management

Gemba Kaizen as a Low Cost Approach to Management We like to offer solutions to all sorts of management problems. Some of the more esoteric approaches come with their own vocabulary that reinforces just how native they are to their company of origin. Gemba Kaizen is one of these approaches, but you shouldn’t discount it […]

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