Strategic Guidance & Project Coaching

Lean Six Sigma Belgium today supports many clients in the design and implementation of Lean Six Sigma strategies with many successes in transformation programs: banking & insurance sector, public sector, industry, telecom IT consulting and finance


Our expertise is based on 3 pillars:

1 – Strategic Guidance: Plan deployment

Our mission is to assist you in designing a Lean Six Sigma strategic program, identify the first project opportunities, pilot areas, train the stakeholders and develop autonomy to secure the deployment of the program.

2 – Training & Certification: Equip the actors

We train and certify project stakeholders (management, sponsors, process owner and team members (Black, Green & Yellow Belt).

3 – Project Coaching & Delivery: Support deployment

We put at your disposal one or more (Master) Black Belt to quickly select ROI projects and assist your employees in the transfer of skills.

We support you on 3 types of projects:

  1. DMAIC project: project coaching for 3 to 6 months with ROI of minimum 250K €
  2. Kaizen Event: workshops from 1 to 5 days that can achieve valuable results: 5S, VSM, SMED etc …
  3. PDCA (Kata): daily implementation of continuous improvement rituals

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Strategic Guidance For Big Organisations

Build the deployment roadmap

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Strategic Guidance For SMEs

Build the deployment roadmap

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What are the benefits after engaging or working with a Lean Six Sigma Consultant or Coach?

  • Increased productivity. Fixing your processes to produce at the optimal level is the goal of most of our management overhauls. We want your company producing at the level that’s enough to maintain the supply for your client base’s demand.
  • Less waste. Waste happens when you overstock, have supply delays or variance in your production process. When we eliminate waste, we optimize your whole process so that none of your resources are wasted at all.
  • Better customer service. Your clients aren’t really interested in how you get your product to them as long as you get it to them on time and with their specifications. We can make your processes run like a well-oiled machine and cut down lead times that your customers always get their requests and deliveries early.
  • No overstocking. Overstocking is a sign of bad flow and weak pull. What’s important is that you always have enough stock to keep up with demand and never have to use old stock that has been kept in storage for so long. Our Lean Management team can help you determine how to plan your stocks depending on your supply schedule.
  • Lesser risk and supply issues. While we can never turn your risk to 0 since there are so many variables involved in the production process, we can instead minimize it and be prepared for any and all problems. Our consultants are versed in a wide variety of projects in the industry and can give you the best options in determining which approach is the best for your project or organization.

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