Lean and Six Sigma Consulting Services

Lean Six Sigma Project Management and Consulting

Essentially, we’re managing and developing Lean Six Sigma projects within big organisations in Belgium. We work in close collaboration with your own people to implement our knowledge and the right skills to support your continuous improvement projects.

What are the Six Sigma project management methodologies used by our consultants?

  •  Lean Management. Our Lean Consultants know how to walk the talk. You can find all the advice, tips and so-called experts populating your business news feeds and delivering talk after talk in your community. Our consultants have been there and done it all. They don’t just specialize in Lean, they know how to put it in action and spot how badly you need it.
  •  Lean Coaching. During our missions we can also train your people to develop their own skills. Lean thinking is not just project management, it’s part of any corporate culture. That’s why we also train your people to develop their own Lean Six Sigma project management skills. In other words, we teach them where and how to fish.  After we leave we want you to develop the capacity to grow your own expert team. This to spread a continuous improvement and operational excellence mindset within your corporate culture.
  • Six Sigma Quality Improvement. Optimizing your processes isn’t enough—you need to be the industry leader when it comes to product or service quality. Our DMAIC Six Sigma project management methodologies can help you capture the features and critical points that your client base wants. From there, we can manage a project that hits all these points to deliver top quality in an optimized manner.

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Hire a Six Sigma or Lean Coach for your projects or to develop a Lean Thinking Corporate culture.

Our coach can support your Lean, Six Sigma or continuous improvement projects in close collaboration with your own pool of people.

When your organisation grows and you need to expand your services or your production capacity. Or even when you need to deal with a myriad of problems that your current system is experiencing, we provide a flexible and efficient support to your needs.

 Our clients ask us…

Some of our clients ask us to train their own employees in order to manage their own projects. While other clients like to work with a Lean Management or Kaizen Coach to improve their daily operations. Some of them ask for a Consultant on-hand to provide Six Sigma project management guidance and hands-on training, this method is sometimes preferred for longer-lasting results and development of a Lean Six Sigma corporate culture.

What are the benefits after engaging or working with a Lean Six Sigma Consultant or Coach?

  • Increased productivity. Fixing your processes to produce at the optimal level is the goal of most of our management overhauls. We want your company producing at the level that’s enough to maintain the supply for your client base’s demand.
  • Less waste. Waste happens when you overstock, have supply delays or variance in your production process. When we eliminate waste, we optimize your whole process so that none of your resources are wasted at all.
  • Better customer service. Your clients aren’t really interested in how you get your product to them as long as you get it to them on time and with their specifications. We can make your processes run like a well-oiled machine and cut down lead times that your customers always get their requests and deliveries early.
  • No overstocking. Overstocking is a sign of bad flow and weak pull. What’s important is that you always have enough stock to keep up with demand and never have to use old stock that has been kept in storage for so long. Our Lean Management team can help you determine how to plan your stocks depending on your supply schedule.
  • Lesser risk and supply issues. While we can never turn your risk to 0 since there are so many variables involved in the production process, we can instead minimize it and be prepared for any and all problems. Our consultants are versed in a wide variety of projects in the industry and can give you the best options in determining which approach is the best for your project or organization.


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