BPM Business Process Management Consulting Services

Discover Our Business Process Management Consulting Services (BPM)

Our business process management consulting services are a complete portfolio of knowledge, tools, methodologies and development solutions for all your business needs whether you know it or not.
We are prepared to come in at whatever stage of business process management you require. We can work with a myriad of business requirements and needs to develop the appropriate method and solution for you and your company.

We are also capable of providing secondary and primary support to in-house BPM teams for frameworks, modelling, application of life cycles and optimizing your processes.

 How Does Our Business Process Management Consulting Services Work?

BPM Business Process Management Consulting Services

[tabs style=”default”] [tab title=”1 – Initiation”]

1 – Initial Phase

Before anything else, we ensure that your company is fit or suited for a BPM project and determine the approach we are going to use. Unlike other consulting firms that push formulaic and ‘guaranteed best method’ for business process management, we make sure that your company can benefit from a BPM implementation.

Aside from determining your suitability, we also find out how much of an impact a BPM project can deliver to your company or organization. This means that we evaluate the benefits first to see if the costs of our services are worth the benefits.

[/tab] [tab title=”2 – Development”]

 2 – Development Phase

Once the suitability of your case has been determined, we can begin determining the scope of the business process management project. Depending on how resistant to change and what kind of goals your team has developed with us, we can concentrate on a pilot project to deliver high-impact results or work from previous BPM initiatives and broaden the scope of the changes.

We then formulate a project plan to manage the implementation and minimize risk and guarantee the best metric success.

[/tab] [tab title=”3 – Implementation”]

 3 – Implementation Phase

We put the action plan we developed in place and provide real-time, constant support and expertise to the developing process. Using thoroughly-designed models and the right tools and technologies, we can begin the dramatic change in your business.

Our services have resulted in 50% reduction in market delivery, more than 40% improvement requirements accuracy and reduced financial risk. What’s more, our consultation services have been known to add value and improved design to existing products and services.

[/tab] [tab title=”4 – Controlling”]

 4 – Controlling Phase

When the project has hit its stride, our consultants are there to monitor and control the processes are followed and that the strategies are still in place.

We make sure that we deliver the results we projected at the start of the project assessment. Our tools and techniques prevent the processes from breaking down and we help in overcoming obstacles and roadblocks from management and other groups.

[/tab] [tab title=”5 – Optimizing”]

5 – Optimizing Phase

No true business process management endeavour is finished. It is a continuous process that is marked by continuous improvement to high-impact processes for stakeholder satisfaction and meeting objectives.

We ensure that even after the final phase of implementation the processes continue to gain more favourable metrics.

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Other Services

Aside from the project implementation itself, our business process management includes communications frameworks and technologies that can be used in your company’s context. We are always updated on the latest BPM trends and the technology associated with Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum and other BPM approaches.

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