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Let’s talk about our Lean Consultant services

Our Lean Consultants know how to walk the talk. While you can find all the advice, tips and so-called experts populating your business news feeds and delivering talk after talk in your community, our consultants have been there and done it all. They don’t just specialize in Lean, they know how to put it in action and spot how badly you need it.

Here’s what they can do for your business:

1 – They can tell how efficiently your plant is running right after walking into it.

To become a Six Sigma Black Belt with Lean running through their veins, our consultants can breathe and sense efficiency like no one else. Just from the hum of your plant or factory, they can tell if there are delays, downtimes or efficiency gaps. They’re trained from the start to identify problems and contextualize their surroundings into an optimized business framework.

 2 – They ask the right questions.

You can tell a real Lean expert from a fake one when you listen to speak right off the bat. A fake expert starts telling you to do this to your plant and do that to whatever else your company has. They apply only one method and one approach to every project, thinking that Lean and Six Sigma is a panacea instead of a transformative change initiative. Be ready to answer these crucial questions that can help our Lean Consultants fix your process problems:

  • How often does your inventory turn over?
  • How often do you conduct a physical inventory?
  • What is the typical, average amount your inventory is over or under?
  • What is your preventative maintenance schedule?
  • Do you conduct a final inspection on every single product built or service delivered?
  • Do you measure quality in terms of parts per million or as a percentage?
  • When did you last get a process improvement suggestion from an employee?


 3 – They tell you what’s wasteful and how to fix it.

While process errors and production issues can vary, an authentic Lean Expert can categorize your wastes and apply the right solutions in a contextualized framework for your business. There isn’t one true solution, but there are similar mistakes and issues in every project or business. Our 5 S experts know how to do these:

    • Sifting — Removing things from the work area that are not required to do the job.
    • Sorting — Organizing tools and materials.
    • Standardizing — Eliminating random elements that slow production.
    • Self-discipline — Insisting on consistent performance.
    • Sweeping and washing — Carrying out the housecleaning needed to establish where everything is that workers need for efficiency and to become able to tell at a glance if something is missing.


4 – They measure, analyze, improve and control.

The MAIC is the core quality improvement process that Six Sigma rests on. Our consultants keep this close to their heart and know that it’s the sure-fire way to raise your product’s value.


5 – They can overcome hurdles.

True Lean Consultants are Agile and ready to take on challenges—even if it’s against their own initiatives. Our team can handle change management while changing your processes and overcoming the resistance at any stage in the transformative change.

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