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Process Improvement: Essential for Your Business

Process improvement (no matter what method) should be something that all companies and organizations strive to do all the time. This means accepting that there is always a little more push to do when you want to perform as the leader in your industry or niche.

While some businesses and organizations aren’t very keen on constantly updating their systems with a process improvement, you can set you and your company apart from the pack by innovating not only your product but your processes. Done right and with the best expertise, you can maintain your hold on your clients and be an industry leader.

 What do our process improvements consultant do for your business?

  1.  Reliable processes. When you have reliable processes, less problems crop up and you can easily adjust specifications to the current demand for your product. More reliable systems create fewer problems and have less risk.
  2. Improved service levels. You don’t know how much your capacity actually is until you improve your processes. Producing at a certain level may actually put too much strain on your systems and can be working for malfunctioning equipment and uneven resources in the end.
  3. Shorter lead-times. When you can reduce your lead times, you have better margin for error (if there is any) and you’re able to deliver better services and products to your customers.
  4. Increased working capital. A lot of companies are not aware but with less waste and process improvement, you can get more out of your capital. Since less resources are wasted and you have more money to put into the company thanks to your optimized processes, you can dedicate more resources to marketing, manpower and even office space.
  5. Higher quality. Process improvement also covers delivering quality and value to your customers. While we can help you cut lead time and optimize pull and flow, the end result needs to be marketable and up to client expectation. Six Sigma is a great way to add more value to your product and take out what consumers don’t deem critical to the item.
  6. Reduced costs. Whenever you improve something, you save money. Materials and production costs become significantly lower when you implement process improvements across all your systems or at least on the most high-impact aspects. With adequate pull and flow, you don’t have any waste and you can produce at a much shorter time frame than usual.


How do we do it?

Our Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Black Belts and Green Belts are ready to give you the helping hand you need.

Depending on your case, how you want to handle it and our own assessment of your services, plant, factory or business, we have several options to give you:

  • Process improvement. Using Lean, Six Sigma, Kanban, Total Flow Management, Total Product Management and other business approaches, we provide project management services that gives you all the benefits we mentioned above. We can use one approach or many based on our initial assessment.
  • Business case. It’s important that we understand what we’re dealing with. If you want us simply to observe and collect data that can be useful for your own in-house team, we are available.
  • Coaching and training. Good companies develop organic teams that can tackle problems. We are prepared to train your trainers or develop your own team of experts in Lean, Six Sigma, Kanban and other approaches.

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