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What is Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Management in Banking?

After the financial blows the economy has suffered, banks and banking institutions have been searching for ways to effectively reduce their expenditures. They need this to be able to drastically boost their operational model as well as sustain and create a capital buffer as a requirement with financial regulations. Armed with this mindset, fiscal reduction […]

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What is Lean Maintenance?

Lean maintenance has been erroneously thought to be a spin off or subset of lean manufacturing. What business managers failed to realize is that lean maintenance is actually a prerequisite for the success of lean manufacturing. It is an independent discipline under the broad concept of lean management or lean business operation. Definition Lean maintenance […]

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What is Lean Management Engineering?

Lean management engineering is a concept to boost the efficiency of various engineering segments within manufacturing enterprises. It is a consistent process that helps increase the levels of valid engineering data developed compared to the dollar investment. The entire process entails a straightforward review of the current condition, coupled by several adjustments to handle inefficiencies […]

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What is Lean Management in Insurance?

Insurers know that lean processes and dynamics pave a way towards customer satisfaction. However, many find the whole set-up a challenge to accomplish. The needs and requirements of insurance customers are fast increasing with regards quality of service and processing speeds. In addition, the payoffs from complying with these demands are also fast growing. Especially […]

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Lean Manager’s Problem Solving Techniques: CEDAC

Lean management is a philosophy of management where there is continuous improvement across the board for the processes used in a company. Unlike traditional management where the emphasis is on creating a product or in providing a service, lean management treats operations as a daily exercise in problem solving. From a problem solving standpoint, the […]

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What is Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma ?

What is Lean Six Sigma ? A lot of managers looking for clear and effective ways to improve their business ask us, “What is Lean Six Sigma ?” For someone who isn’t knowledgeable about management approaches and manufacturing processes, Six Sigma can sound as foreign as something Russian. But for people who are actively looking […]

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How to Deploy Lean 6 Sigma

How to Deploy Lean 6 Sigma? We think that a good guide on implementing Lean 6 Sigma tells you what to do and what not to do. In this case, we have gleaned some great examples on the right way to use 6 Sigma and how to make sure its downfall in your company. But […]

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