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Toyota Production System : 14 Solid Principles

  Toyota Production System (TPS) : 14 Solid Principles  Toyota Six Sigma We like to call the processes that have made up Toyota’s magnificent company culture and seamless manufacturing processes as Toyota Six Sigma. It’s not enough to call it lean or Six Sigma in itself. Just like a Japanese craftsman of old, they’ve honed their company […]

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6 Sigma Lean Six Sigma Belgium

A Concise Look at 6 Sigma

A Concise Look at 6 Sigma We love talking about Six Sigma ( 6 Sigma) just as much as Jack Welch does. He was the proponent of the business initiative that put GE on top of their market and ensured yearly growth. Since Motorola and AlliedSignal have all had immense success with adopting the system, […]

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