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Lean IT Principles and Objectives

Lorenzo Del Marmol

March 21, 2018

Lean IT principles is the extension of the lean management approach to the development and management if information technology services and products. The main objective of lean IT is the elimination of waste in the process because they add up to the cost of the service or the product.  Lean IT principles are currently well known and well established in the business sector but their application to disciplines outside of manufacturing is still vague and underutilized in many areas.

While information technology has already reached a very high level of complexity, the businesses and disciplines that are heavily dependent on them still lack stability in performance and hence may suffer from low customer satisfaction. The lean improvement principles hope to address these challenges. The lean concepts in IT has been triumphant in deploying information technology operations, having overcome two major challenges such as IT work which is less repeatable and less observable or measurable than traditional engineering work processes.

What does lean IT do

The application of lean methodologies supports the end-to-end view, and begins with the IT customer first and foremost. This guarantees that the improvement happens all across IT processes. The approach is said to have important and vital impact for the workers and the IT providers.

In their last fifty data center transformations, we have come up with very significant productivity developments. In such cases, the quality of service as well as employee satisfaction all boost favorably. For instance the average times to restore problem services has dropped by fifty to eighty percent and SLA compliance has improved from five to ten percent.

The application of lean principles to app maintenance and development has facilitated an overall improved productivity from fifteen to twenty five percent. There is a marked drop of about twenty five percent from time to time.

Lean IT brings clients nothing but superior quality and productivity by brining information technology infrastructure and application development towards a constant drive for quality and productivity. This brings about real and factual change by working closely with the management teams and frontline staff for over sixteen to twenty four weeks to sustain the developments.

Lean IT focuses on four core elements

Lean IT operates on the following core elements:

  • Capabilities and organization. They work to ensure that the organization is able to sustain transformation and that people possess the knowledge and skills to work on their responsibilities.
  • Management systems. They optimize the processes; streamline the structures as well as processes via performance, which are highly managed to provide business objectives up to the maximum.
  • Behaviors and mindsets. They focus on how people change the way they think, feel, present themselves in the workplace or the business organization.
  • Operating procedures and practices. They use a proven gauge to improve the way their physical assets and resources are configured and optimized to provide added value and reduce losses whenever possible.

Lean IT has a very amazing methodology that has significant impact without being capital intensive.

If you want to switch to Lean IT, you have to follow the advices below:

  1. Never focus on costs.
  2. Create a slack time. This is effective and a principle whereby companies such as Toyota adopts for they believe it drives stability for employees who were presented with a problem, where they were not merely afforded the time but also were required to stop the line whenever possible.
  3. Develop individuals via persistent learning and coaching. This takes a deliberate and sustained time investment for it to be realized.
  4. Know your value and own them.
  5. Make it apparent and visual.
  6. Welcome uncertainty.
  7. Think of customer value in a backward manner to realize the fullest potential of IT capabilities.
  8. Keep it simple.

We need to remember that Lean IT is limited in scope and delivers results quickly, but implementing it needs to be continuous and long term as it normally takes a long period, sometimes years, before the lean principles become integrated into the culture of the workplace.

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