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7 Techniques Lean Managers Use to Build Motivation Culture

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison 7 Techniques a Lean Manager Use to Build Motivation Culture Lean production process can only be achieved if the performance of the workers involved are at its highest level. Lean managers, however, must […]

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Distinguish fake from real Lean Management

How to Distinguish Fake from Real Lean Management ? Lean Management is a way of running a business organization that involves the concept of continuous improvement by way of systematically seeking to achieve small but incremental changes in the processes with the aim of improving quality and efficiency. Lean management aims to eliminate waste of […]

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Taiichi-Ohno-Lean-Management Belgium

Taiichi Ohno, Lean Management Sensei and His Tools

Lean Sensei and His Tools In the manufacturing industry, there is a systematic way of eliminating waste – lean production. The whole idea of lean production is ridding manufacturing processes of waste resulting from overburden and waste coming from uneven work loads. Any person who has mastered and teached this skill is called a Lean […]

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How Can You Build a Business Operating System ?

How Can Lean Managers Build a Business Operating System? Business operating systems were already in existences before the term became popular. “It was the codified set of operations and instructions on how to run a specific business. This allows a company to replicate its operations on a smaller scale or for franchises.” Typically, the business […]

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Lean Office Management

5 Lean Office Management Tips

5 Lean Office Management Tips Lean Management is grounded on solid principles of reducing waste and variance in your supply chain. A lot of other businesses have also started using the same principles on aspects other than their supply chains and production line. You can essentially apply these principles on your communications, customer service, administrative […]

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Lean Sensei

What is a Lean Sensei ?

What is a Lean Sensei ? ‘Sensei’ is a is a Japanese word that is literally translated as “person born before another”. Most of the time, it is attached to professionals in fields of study that require several years. In general usage, it is used, after a person’s name, and means “teacher”. In Lean management, the […]

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Lean Management Training Lean Six Sigma Belgium

How to Achieve True Enterprise Transformation

Lean Management – Too Lean and Not at All Mean We think that the Lean management paradigm is important but too near-sighted to bring about true transformational change. If your company only needs a little tweaking then Lean Six Sigma is a great initiative. On a larger scale, however, when the situation is change or […]

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Productivity vs Creativity

Does Multitasking Hurt Productivity?

Does Multitasking Hurt Productivity? An experiment was conducted in the University of Sydney to test whether productivity, creativity and idea generation was affected by multi-tasking. I found this study, detailed on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network by professor David Burkus. In their study they used the ‘alternate uses’ test where subjects where given an object and they […]

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The 5s: Run Your Business Smoothly—Just Like an iPhone

The 5 S To Run Your Business Smoothly—Just Like an iPhone In Lean Management and other process improvement methodologies, you can find a ton of buzzwords that help managers and executives navigate the jargon and intricate set of tips and tricks to manage an efficient and effective company. One of these jargon sets is the 5s, which […]

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Toyota’s Lessons on Lean Manufacturing

Toyota’s Lessons on Lean Manufacturing Toyota’s approach to production is a great case study for companies that want to implement lean manufacturing. Entrepreneurs and managers shouldn’t think of lean as a trend or fad. It’s a solid initiative for boosting your whole company. Toyota adopts lean as simply one integral part of its business philosophy. […]

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Lean Production and Lean Consumption in 2 Minutes

Lean Production and Lean Consumption in 2 Minutes Lean production and lean consumption are really just one part of the lean analysis process of understanding your customers in relation to your business. What companies need to know about clients in today’s fast-paced, digital world is that the customers are dictating the terms and any business […]

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Lean Culture Lean Six Sigma Belgique

How to Sustain and Improve a lean culture with a Lean Management System

How to Sustain and Improve a lean culture with a Lean Management System On paper, Lean Six Sigma and other lean process programs sounds exciting and a great boost for your company. We think so too, but we always caution managers and entrepreneurs before inflicting any sort of system or program on their company. We […]

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